Category Topics

Challenge Corner

The challenge corner is exclusively for current hiring as well as general challenges inside CloudSEK XVigil. All the relevant information about challenges victors will be posted here with precise details.


We have a dedicated section for #cybersecurity now.


Anyone in the community can write a blog thread about trending articles in Cybersecurity, Ransomware, Malware, Exploits, Bug bounty challenges, and much more.


Here we announce the general things that are happening on the forum. For eg: Challenge related announcements such as countdown, results which help people on the forum to easily navigate to the appropriate category.


In this category, Events and Webinars being conducted by CloudSEK will be notified here for the community members. Also, if you are hosting a session or taking part in any, you can post that too and discuss it here.


BeVigil is the New Security Search engine for apps.

Corner an Expert

In this category, anybody on the forum can ask questions regarding the skills required to be a Cybersecurity professional or about anything that comes to mind for an aspirant of Cybersecurity or about any career choices. We have experts on the forum to answer your questions and help you to reach heights.


We all are warriors and we are meant that way, let’s get proper introductions and scream out to the world who you are. You may never know how recognitions come!

The Workshop

In this category, you can collab with the people on the forum for your live projects. It can be any college assignment or project that you are working for or it can be any live project that you have started to take from the other platforms. This helps you as well as the others on the platform to learn from it.

Feedback and FAQs

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Career Corner

In this category, each opening on CloudSEK will be posted as a thread, and queries regarding it can be asked here.