About the Blog category

Anyone in the community can write a blog thread about trending articles in Cybersecurity, Ransomware, Malware, Exploits, Bug bounty challenges, and much more.

  • You can always write about anything under the cloud that can benefit the entire community. The best blog will be selected by the experts every month and it will be featured on the CloudSEK XVigil website and other platforms. Also, you will be awarded a badge called “The Best Blogger of the month” along with some goodies.

  • You can write your own blog here instead of sharing links to other platforms(Eg. Medium, WordPress, etc.) ----A suggestion :wink:

  • Kindly don’t spam as all the links posted by a Trust Level 0 member will be a non follow link.

  • Write-ups about the challenges can be posted in this category. For this, you have to write at least 180 lines about the same, Hotlinking is allowed but a preface is required, Link to the original challenge to be given as well.

Edited: 19 October 2020