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In this category, each opening on CloudSEK will be posted as a thread, and queries regarding it can be asked here.

Why separately a category for Job updates?

  1. You will be able to understand the transparency that we have in the hiring process.
  2. Your questions will be answered here surely even if it is not answered on LinkedIn when you send messages to CloudSTERs(we cannot blame them though :wink: ).
  3. Mainly, this category helps you to understand the open position that we have currently.

Any suggestions, do let us know here :slight_smile:

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A very good evening, hope everyone is being positive while testing negative, this is Sohail from Hyderabad, I have a passion towards cybersecurity and want to pursue a career in it, I’ve gained basic knowledge with the help of internet. Could you please let me know is there any internships available at cloudsek so that I can work and learn at the same time?

PS: Ive been playing CTFs and was also able to complete the recent CTF hosted by cloudsek. Currently started researching about bugbounty.


We appreciate your interest to be a part of CloudSEK, but currently, we do not have any open position for an internship. We will post it here when we have an opening and in the meantime, you can improve your skills :slight_smile: