Baltimore County Public Schools Closed Due to Ransomware Attack, WebKit Vulnerabilities Allow Remote Code Execution via Malicious Websites, and more

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Round Up of Major Breaches and Scams

Post-Cyberattack, UVM Health Network Still Picking Up Pieces

More than a month after a cyberattack hit the University of Vermont (UVM) health network, the organization is still working to recover its systems and is grappling with delayed payment processing and other issues. The cyberattack has led to delays in patient appointments including chemotherapy appointments, mammograms, and biopsies.

Healthcare provider AspenPointe data breach affects 295K patients

U.S. healthcare provider AspenPointe notified patients of a data breach stemming from a September 2020 cyberattack that enabled attackers to steal protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII). AspenPointe is a nonprofit that manages 12 organizations serving over 50,000 individuals and families every.

Round Up of Major Malware and Ransomware Incidents

Baltimore County Public Schools Closed Due to Ransomware Attack

Schools in the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) system are closed Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 as officials investigate and remediate a ransomware attack that hit its network systems the day before Thanksgiving, pausing classes for some 115,000 students attending school online due to the pandemic.

Gootkit malware returns to life alongside REvil ransomware

After a year-long vacation, the Gootkit information-stealing Trojan has returned to life alongside REvil Ransomware in a new campaign targeting Germany. The Gootkit Trojan is Javascript-based malware that performs various malicious activities, including remote access for threat actors, keystroke capturing, video recording, email theft, password theft, and the ability to inject malicious scripts to steal online banking credentials.

Round Up of Major Vulnerabilities and Patches

WebKit Vulnerabilities Allow Remote Code Execution via Malicious Websites

The WebKit browser engine is affected by several vulnerabilities, including ones that can be exploited for remote code execution by convincing the targeted user to visit a malicious website. WebKit is an open source engine that has been used by Safari and other Apple products, as well as many other apps for macOS, iOS and Linux.

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