CloudSEK BeVigil - CTF Challenge - Win an IPAD 🎉

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CloudSEK BeVigil - CTF Challenge | Win an Apple iPad as gift

Innovation is a continuous process of learning, experimenting, failing, and doing it all over again. This is especially true when it comes to cybersecurity, where we encounter new threats, attack-vectors, and cybercriminals every day. This CTF is your opportunity to tackle a real-life cybersecurity challenge by learning and experimenting.

Good luck with the challenge!

Rahul Sasi

Executive Chairman and Founder, CloudSEK

BeVigil is one of our first efforts to make quality security tooling accessible to everyone and brings along a number of interesting use cases. While we keep adding new features and building new platforms for the security community, we want to hear more from you: all suggestions and feedback are welcome. The CTF challenge below draws inspiration from a few of the many real-world incidents BeVigil has helped uncover and fix.

Hope you have fun!

Syed Shahrukh

CTO, BeVigil CloudSEK

The Challenge

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Hi @sahil found the source of the codebase breach but where is the flag :stuck_out_tongue:

Go :arrow_forward: . You are on right path.

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Hi there, I am possibly at the last stage before getting the flag. But, can I know if I would be eligible for the reward without being an attendee at the conference?

Hi @binit

You can and are eligible.

Found the source of codebase breach, any hint for secret flag?

@sahil when will the results out…

The CTF is open till Monday 11 AM

The CTF is officially CLOSED

Results are here.