CloudSEK Bookworm Thursday - Week 1


If you are a book lover or not, we have something interesting this week on 2020-10-14T18:30:00Z at 7 PM, where one of our CloudSTER, Mr Aashish Patil(AI Engineer) is going to share insights on one of his favourite book - “FactFulness” by Hands Rosling.

Okay! Wondering why we started this Thursday’s event? Yeah, in this busy life we have a lot of good books out there to read but less time we are giving towards that. This session can give you some motivation and interest in reading.

Sounds interesting? Here is the invite link:

Also, you can comment below your favorite book and what is special about it so that if we find it interesting, you can be the speaker next time :wink:


Everyone has a story, by Savi Sharma, this story will definitely touch the heart.


Wow! Nice to see your response with one of your favourite books. Can you brief it and let’s see how many want to know more about it :star_struck:

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Everyone Has a Story is about a young girl Meera who decides to write a book and starts the search quest for a story in people’s experiences. In her journey of searching stories, she comes across Vivaan, a young and successful banker who mentally got stuck in 9-6 work life. His desire is to escape the world( routine, mundane life) in which he lives and travels heartily.