CloudSEK Bookworm Thursday - Week 2

How many of you are ready to answer intriguing scientific questions this Thursday?

This week CloudSEK Bookworm Thursday, @fb1h2s is going to share his insights on the book called “Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? And 101 other intriguing science questions - by NewScientist”. It is going to be an interactive session with a lot of knowledge and fun as takeaways.

Have you already read this book? If yes, it is a plus point for you among the crowd. If not read yet, then come join us on this 2020-10-21T18:30:00Z at 7 PM.

Here is the invite link(Click on the link and add it to your calendar):

PS: You can comment on this book or suggestions that you have for CloudSEK Bookworm Thursday’s. Also, you can comment below your favorite book and what is special about it so that if we find it interesting, you can be the speaker next time :wink: