CTF Challenge - CTF Challenge #3 - Results

Thank you for taking the time to play the CTF :clap:

Winners are chosen purely based on the time of submission of flags. Since this is not conducted for any hiring purpose, we did not ask you to write CTF Walkthrough.

Now let’s take a minute and appreciate everyone who tried solving the challenge.

Below are the top 10 winners of this CTF :raised_hands:

Numbers represent the winners in order of submission time starting from 5:30 PM.

  1. Rohan Sharma (@pinta) - 00:04:25 :star: :star: :star:
  2. Rishikesh K S(@zyperx) - 00:07:30 :star: :star:
  3. Bhuvanesh Mishra (@SH4D0W ) - 0:46:38
  4. Jithin B S (@berlinadres ) - 0:48:36
  5. Naman Tamboli (@namantamboli ) - 0:56:30
  6. Gagan Kumar jha (@Gagan ) - 0:58:20
  7. Dakshita Agarwal (@Dakshita ) - 1:02:32
  8. Anirudh Batra (@th3eden) - 1:03:03
  9. Himanshu Gangwani (@BADboy17) - 1:09:10
  10. Mudit Bansal (@defalt) - 1:33:18

Big Kudos to everyone other than the above 10 who took time and solved the challenge! Meet you all in the next challenge. Until then, stay around in the community by updating yourself in the Cybersecurity space.


Congratulations to the winners. :crown:


It was a nice challenge, kudos to the developer.
A lot to learn from the people who did it in under 10 min congratulations guys.