Cybersecurity Advice

Hello everyone!
I’m currently in my final year of Computer Science and engineering and am trying to build my skills to get into cybersecurity.
What are the career opportunities for a complete beginner like me? Where should I start to have a good career in cybersecurity?


Check this one


Go for an entry level Cybersecurity cert like CEH, ejpt if you really wish to make good career and don’t know where to start, it will help you to get good foundation.


I recommend this path to every beginner in Cyber Security

  1. Build your fundamentals
  • Comptia Network + (only course material no certs required)- Youtube/Cybrary

  • Learn Basic Programming - C/C++, Python, JS, Bash Scripting

  • Learn to use Linux - Use it as default OS (Linux Mint/Ubuntu)

  1. Network Pentesting - TCM Security Udemy
  • Learn about tools and methods

  • Continue programming in parallel - Build tools

  1. Go Hands-On
  • Do Try Hack Me
  1. Skim Through Hacker Playbook 2 & The Tangled Web

  2. Learn Web App hacking (Knowing JS would really help here)

  • Learn to use Burpsuite
  • Youtube- Insider PHD, Bugcrowd University etc
  • Burpsuite Essentials Book by Akash Mahajan
  • Web Application Hacker’s Handbook 2 and/or Portswigger Web Security Academy

  • Hunt for bugs on Government Websites and report them to NCIIPC. ( has 10,000+ subdomains)

  1. Intern at an awesome company like- Appsecco, Appsecure Inc, CloudSEK :star_struck:

  2. Hacker Playbook 3

  3. Go for OSCP (It’s not just a cert it’s lub❤)

PS- You can get a Full-Time job after Step 6


This is really helpful. Thank you so much!