Earn While you Learn program - (2021-2022)

An opportunity for Undergraduate students in their 2nd, 3rd or final years of college/ Postgraduate students in their 1st year, to work remotely while pursuing their education.

There has always been a gap between what we learn in college and the skills needed to solve real-world problems. And CloudSEK is trying to bridge this gap by allowing students to apply what they learn, develop new skills, and earn a stipend, while still in college.

CTF for Cybersecurity is Up: http://csek.me/dppI
Submit Flags here : http://csek.me/3ph6

( If you have applied only this thread will be visible)


Very excited about this program

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hi i came to know about this program today but application closed just before my submision.is there any other way to submit

Hi Rahul, We have closed the application process. Really sorry.

No need to worry, you can apply for the next edition.

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Hey, I filled up the form in December where are we supposed to get the link?

No worries. Our team will reach out to you at your email address provided, with a task to complete.

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We have Opened Applications for a short time due to a lot of Requests.

Don’t miss this last chance to be a part.



I wanna ask if someone already have a FTE opportunity but want to do internship in CloudSEK, is it possible? I’m asking because main goal of a company is to convert their interns into full time employee.

I have one FTE offer but still I really want to do internship in CloudSEK to learn the stuff and get the exposure of work environment. But it feels bit unethical to apply for internship without mentioning that I already have one offer. So I already mentioned it in google form which we filled up.

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late to know about the programm .

Thank you for letting us know Jeet. Our talent team will reach out to you as soon the application is processed.

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The Application is still open.

Please tell a final date of internship to give an idea to college placement cell.

Dear Pratham,
The application process is closed now!

I am asking the final start date of the internship…we have to tell it to our placement cell

When will the emails be rolled out to the shortlisted candidates?

When we will get email waiting for this from a long time very excited for the same

Hello all,
We have started processing the applications. Our team will reach out with a relevant challenge.


Very excited to start the receive the challenge link
I am checking my mailbox every day

By when will we know that our application got shortlisted?

When is your team going to give a relevant challenge?