Learning resources for Beginners

Hello fellas,
Internet is filled with a gazillion courses and study materials for anyone who wishes to start their journey in Ethical Hacking. Even though, this is a boon to many, its also overwhelming at the same time due to the confusion of what to choose and where to start from.
Time is precious and time lost is lost. So, you will only keep searching for the right material/course to start with, but never end up starting on any

So, I thought, I would create this post and add in the resources I’ve been learning from, so that anyone (not just beginners, sometimes even experienced people need to refer some basics at times in future) can go through this and if they find it useful, share with others and help them grow too !

  1. https://www.udemy.com/course/practical-ethical-hacking/
    This has been a great course for anyone as it takes you through the proper nits and bits of knowledge that you need to start out as a ethical hacker in general.

  2. https://github.com/Gr1mmie/Practical-Ethical-Hacking-Resources
    This is for the cherry-pickers who want to learn on a specific topic.

  3. https://github.com/nahamsec/Resources-for-Beginner-Bug-Bounty-Hunters/blob/master/README.md
    This is by the awesome content creator Ben Sadeghipour . This is for the people who are looking for the alternative for Heath Adams’ course (1st link) coz not all would buy a course. But do know that this is compilation of resources rather than a proper course, but Mr. Nahamsec has arranged it in a order that a beginner would find it useful to follow.

That’s all. Don’t rush into other resources yet. Grab as much practical knowledge you can from the above resources and then move on to other specific topics which you want to expand your knowledge on.

I’m also thinking of making another post where I can post a lot of other stuff but googling the keyword would give you want you want.
So, work on googling ( :upside_down_face: ) and also, develop a habit of notemaking !

Best of luck to all :v:


Awesome. Thank you for curating the same here @DonxZenith !!!

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With regards to more of hands-on as compared to courses, it is also true that the companies recruiting today for cybersecurity skills are fewer in number as it is still a very niche skill. So are there any specific projects/hands-ons/courses that one should definitely try before applying?

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@trimishra When you apply in any Cyber Security firm, most of the organisations don’t demand any specific degree/course, but the skills. You will be judged on what you know, what you have worked on and what projects you have built.
Apart from that, some organisations do care about some reputed certifications like OSCP, CEH, CRTP, CCNA etc but they aren’t necessary. Even CloudSEK has a lot of employees who are brilliant but don’t have any certificates because our company values skills over certifications.