My Experience in Bug bounty hunting

Hey, this is Palash. Kindly find the live video of my talk which I delivered @ XVigil Community launch about my Experience and exploits during bug bounty hunts.

Kindly shoot the questions here and let’s keep the discussions lively.


thank you bro can you tell how much time taken to study bug bounty program.And I can survey with only bug bounty without job

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It took me a week to study the target before finding the first bug on the platform. There are certain classes of bugs that you can quickly test for, stuff like IDOR, but I would say you need to study the target scopes in detail for finding more complex-to-exploit bugs


Also I don’t think you need a security job to do bug bounty hunting, you just need to have the relevant skills. I know a lot of kids, still in college killing the bug bounty game.


okay bro thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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will you continue doing bug hunting?

Sorry for the delayed response but yeah while I already keep myself updated with new techniques and skills everyday, I would also continue to hunt for bugs on the side. I either play CTFs on the weekend or if there isn’t a good CTF running I try to do bug bounty hunting.


That’s awesome :blush:

Sir, How can I connect with you?

Hey, you can message me at