Prestige Software S3 buckets expose 10M personal files, Emotet, TrickBot top malware charts, and more

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Round Up of Major Breaches and Scams

Hotel Booking Firm Leaks Data on Millions of Guests

A hotel software provider has exposed the personal data of millions of guests around the world after misconfiguring an AWS bucket, according to a new report from Website Planet. The tech site’s security team discovered an exposed cloud database belonging to Spanish developer Prestige Software, whose platform enables hotels to automate their availability on booking websites like Expedia. The misconfigured S3 bucket contained over 10 million individual log files, dating back to 2013.

Round Up of Major Malware and Ransomware Incidents

Emotet and TrickBot Top the Malware Charts Yet Again

TrickBot and Emotet topped the list of most prolific malware strains in October, helping in the process to drive a surge in ransomware infections, according to new analysis from Check Point Software. The Tel Aviv-headquartered security vendor compiled its Global Threat Index for October 2020 from data flowing through its ThreatCloud threat intelligence system, which is said to inspect over 2.5 billion websites and 500 million files daily.

Housing Association Struck by Sodinokibi Data Thieves

A housing association in East Anglia has suffered a ransomware attack, leading to the compromise of an unknown volume of employee and customer data. Norwich-headquartered Flagship Group put out a statement last week that it was forced to take most of its IT systems offline after the Sodinokibi strain entered the company via a phishing attack. Although these efforts were described as “successful,” the association admitted that “there has been some data encryption, and some personal customer and staff data has been compromised.

E-commerce platform X-Cart hit by a ransomware attack

The e-commerce software platform X-Cart suffered a ransomware attack at the end of October, e-stores hosted by the company went down. At the end of October, the e-commerce software platform X-Cart suffered a ransomware attack, the infection brought down customers’ e-stores hosted by the company on its platform. The software and services company X-Cart was recently acquired by Seller Labs, the premier software and services provider for Amazon sellers and brands.

Ghimob: a Tétrade threat actor moves to infect mobile devices

Guildma, a threat actor that is part of the Tétrade family of banking trojans, has been working on bringing in new techniques, creating new malware and targeting new victims. Recently, their new creation, the Ghimob banking trojan, has been a move toward infecting mobile devices, targeting financial apps from banks, fintechs, exchanges and cryptocurrencies in Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Germany, Angola and Mozambique.

Round Up of Major Vulnerabilities and Patches

Bug Bounty Hunters Earn $1.2 Million at Chinese Hacking Competition

Bug bounty hunters have earned a total of more than $1.2 million over the weekend at the 2020 Tianfu Cup International PWN Contest, a major hacking competition that takes place every year in China. Organizers of the event describe it as “China’s Pwn2Own” and this year the prize pool exceeded $1 million. A total of 15 teams signed up for the 2020 Tianfu Cup and 8 of them earned money for their exploits. The winner was a team representing Chinese cybersecurity firm Qihoo 360, which earned over $740,000.