Threat Actor leaks ~1.5 Billion Records from Multiple Chinese Databases in Recent Spree

CloudSEK’s flagship digital risk monitoring platform XVigil discovered 8 posts by a threat actor, on a surface web database marketplace, advertising multiple Chinese government and private databases. The posts expose a total of ~1.5 billion Chinese records.

The Targets

The databases on sale include:

Loans and Banks Chinese Loans and Banks Database
Ping An Insurance Chinese conglomerate that deals with insurance, banking, and financial services
Tencent QQ Chinese instant messaging platform. Ranked by Alexa as the world’s 5th most visited
Weibo Chinese microblogging site and one of China’s biggest social media platforms
China’s National Car owners from Ministry of Public Security (MPS) is China’s primary police and security authority
Business data from Enterprise and Individual’s business data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics
Jingdong ( formerly 360buy Fortune Global 500 Chinese e-commerce company that is Alibaba Tmall’s competitor
SF Express China’s second largest multinational delivery and logistics company

Threat Actor

The threat actor joined the forum in April 2020 and is a popular seller on the forum. The threat actor had changed their handle in December 2020, shortly before going on the spree. The actor has a high reputation score on the forum, which means they are considered a credible seller.


Since the leaked details contain PII and other sensitive information that can be used to orchestrate social engineering attacks and even identity theft. The following mitigation measures can be used to offset impact of leaked PII data

  • Use strong passwords
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for all online accounts
  • Not share OTPs with third-parties
  • Review online accounts and financial statements periodically
  • Regularly update apps and other software
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