What can you expect from this forum?

The purpose of the community is to provide members with a platform to:

  1. Discuss cybersecurity trends and events and share details about potential attacks and remedies. The forum will be a one-stop destination for cybersecurity enthusiasts to stay on top of cybersecurity news and updates.
  2. Interact with subject-matter experts and lend further insights or offer a different perspective on matters discussed.
  3. Be a part of webinars on cybersecurity and machine learning, hosted by CloudSEK, with CloudSters and other experts across the industry.
  4. Attend general activities conducted by CloudSEK such as Bookworm Thursdays. Such events aim to promote engagement on the forum, as a result of which community members are invited as speakers in the future.
  5. Participate in monthly challenges conducted by various CloudSEK teams, like the CTF challenge organized as part of the EWYL program.
  6. Post relevant articles/ blogs for an international audience to be reviewed by experts.
  7. Be the first to hear about CloudSEK’s latest career opportunities and future events.
  8. Stay informed with CloudSEK’s latest research and intelligence and explore new possibilities in the field of cybersecurity.
  9. Check out our daily feeds and posts, share your thoughts and experiences to earn exclusive badges and rewards.

Most importantly, have a great time on the platform by sharing knowledge and learning from the experts.

PS: We are open to suggestions. If you think that this community can include anything other than the above-mentioned expectations, we are happy to hear from you.


can we have a separate thread for Bug Hunting? coz right now infosec is trending :grinning:

Hi @nagarajcruze, we have a separate section for your request, here it is #cybersecurity:bug-bounty-corner

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